About Mary Reynolds Thompson

Mary Reynolds ThompsonMary Reynolds Thompson, CPCC, CAPF is an award-winning writer and certified professional creativity coach and poetry facilitator. She conducts writing and eco-spirituality workshops throughout the U.S, delivering a unique blend of the latest coaching methods with journal and poetry therapy. A regular presenter for the International Women’s Writing Guild, she also serves on the core faculty of the Therapeutic Writing Institute and the council for the National Association of Journal Writing.

In her former life, Mary was a copywriter and editor for a host of international companies, including Harrods of London, Starbucks, and Hallmark. As a branding expert she named, among other things, the movie “French Kiss” with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan. She brings her marketing expertise to helping others brand their books and build their platforms.

Mary is author of Embrace Your Inner Wild: 52 Reflections for an Eco-Centric World (White Cloud Press). Her writings on eco-spirituality have appeared in numerous publications and three anthologies. She can also be contacted through reclaimingthewildsoul.com